Oct 1, 2007

cameras/security in Rangoon

October 01, 2007

(Burmese Standard Time)1:30 p.m
Search increases for cameras and mobiles in Rangoon
Security forces in Rangoon continue to conduct rampant searches on passers by particularly in downtown areas. Eyewitnesses said soldiers and riot police are targeting people with cameras and mobile phone to curb the flow of information.

" The current situation is that it is extremely difficult and dangerous to get anything out. Riot police are charging anyone who brings out a camera or a cell phone. There are also random searches of bags," an observer told Mizzima.

10:00 a.mSecurity in Rangoon
Security has been stepped up in major road intersections and traffic points in Rangoon. As roads reopen, and normal traffic is back on the roads, soldiers and other security personnel remain positioned at traffic points. Military trucks are also seen patrolling the city.

"We could see people going in three or four groups. We have heard that people are determined to continue the protest today. It seems they will wait for the right time. They will look out for the right time and place. And if they get the chance, they will start again," a local resident told Mizzima.

" The numbers of Swan Arrshin members have gone up. These people are not familiar with the city and they are ragged, some don't even have sandals," he added.
However, in downtown Rangoon, security has been reduced compared to earlier days.

Eyewitnesses told Mizzima that only in Sule, the heart of the city, security has been placed and the area has been cordoned-off with barbed wires.

October 01, 2007

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