Oct 7, 2007

Saturday Global Protests

On Saturday, global protests, organized by Amnesty International, against Myanmar's junta began around the world in Asia, Europe, Australia and the USA. Other rallies were also being held in New Zealand, Switzerland, and Canada after the junta recently admited it's role in "controlling" the protesters.

The military regime admitted detaining hundreds of Buddhist monks when troops turned their guns on pro-democracy demonstrators last week. The junta's admited treatment of the Buddhist monks could further inflame the people of Myanmar and anger soldiers loyal to the military rulers. The junta further stated that it was still looking for 4 more monks who they considered to be the "ringleaders" of the protests.

Last week, television images showed soldiers shooting into the crowds of unarmed and peacefull protesters. The government says "only" 10 people were killed and that 2,100 were detained. But dissident groups put the death toll at more than 200 and the number of detainees at nearly 6,000.

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