Oct 3, 2007

Well done Australia....

Well done Australia. We, burmese people and global citizen appreciate you.
Australia rejects ambassador to Canberra
(Article from: the australia, by Dennis Shanahan)

AUSTRALIA has taken a lead in the diplomatic war on Burma's junta, refusing to accept a military commander as the rogue state's new ambassador to Canberra.
In concert with the UN, Australia is applying diplomatic pressure on the Burmese leadership in an effort to persuade it to ease restrictions on its 56million citizens.
Australia has rejected Rangoon's request to appoint Brigadier-General Thura U Thet Oo Maung as the new ambassador because of the regime's appalling behaviour.
At the time of the nomination earlier this year, General Maung was serving in the Burmese Army Command and had served in the military controlling the states of Shan and Karen.
The Australian Government refused the Burmese nomination when it was made several months ago but it is now making a point of the rejection by publicly disclosing the rare diplomatic snub.

Last week, the Howard Government carpeted Burma's senior representative in Canberra over the military crackdown in Rangoon.
Last night, diplomatic sources said armed thugs responsible for some of the worst violence targeting unarmed Burmese anti-government protesters and Buddhist monks belonged to a clandestine organisation overseen by a two-star army general.

Details are emerging of a sinister organisation called Swann Arrshim, meaning strong force, whose purpose is to intimidate and beat anybody who steps out of line.Funded by a government body known as the Union of Solidarity Development Association, the gang is deployed across the country and comes under the control of Agriculture Minister Major General Htay-Oo.Contrary to some reports, diplomats in Rangoon report no sign of division among the military regime led by General Than Shwe."There is no doubt the No1 here has worked in a cunning way to avoid what happened to his predecessors and not get knocked off by the bloke below him," one senior diplomat said."Talk of dissent and friction at the top is not borne out by what we see, it's not consistent. There is nothing here suggesting to us any of the leadership group sees any different vision for the role of the military."

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